2.7.12 The Chip Count


Another week of tournament action is in the books, as the race for NVC Tournament Player of the Year heats up.  Whether it’s a deep stack tourney to double up on points or a bounty you’re trying to collect on your best bud or worst enemy, each tournament has become that much more exciting and significant.

                The top five point holders are the only players have more than 100 points so far and are trying to separate themselves from the pack.  “I’m just working on getting me a new set of golf clubs!” This coming from Wes who is currently 2nd in “POY” points with 121 and one of the early favorites to take the crown.  Bas a “POY” hopeful only has 10 points (10 more than I have), but feels confident he can make up the ground and get into the leader board.  “It’s only February.  We got a long ways to go. It’s anybody’s games.”  Jokingly he says, “I can catch the top 30 in a week.”

                Well good luck to him and all the players and it’s not too late to get in the race.  In the words of Johnny V, “Big Pot! Don’t miss out.”