Why We Are the Friendliest Casino in America


 Saturday night, near the top of the hour and I am dead tired from work, watching the clock carefully as I near the end of my shift.  It can sometimes be nature not to care as much when you are ill-tempered and your focus is directed towards punching the clock and going home to relax.  Eavesdropping in on a seated player’s conversation, as I deal out cards, I hear one say, “Well, I like coming here because the people here are so nice and know how to make you feel welcome.”

Now do I mention this to promote business for the casino?  Maybe…  Could I be making this up? Sure… But the fact of the matter is that I really was irritable and ready to go home when it hit me:

 Friendliness towards Napa Valley Casino customers is a part of the job and if we are not taking the time out of our day to be friendly, then we are not doing our job.  Casinos are exciting and full of action; comes with the territory. Along with excitement, it can also make people tense and nervous.  But Napa Valley Casino is a preferred casino for many because of the way we make people feel welcomed.  Everyone wants to play in a calm and friendly environment, which is what you receive at Napa Valley Casino.

I am glad I got to hear these words from this anonymous player.  It was a reminder that I am a key element in upholding the Napa Valley Casino name and the slogan, “The Friendliest Casino in America!”  This phrase broken down into three words equals, “Great customer service!” and that is why Napa Valley Casino is such a preferred poker room.  Forthcoming, no matter if I have worked 30 minutes or struggled through a 12 hour shift, hearing that comment is a reminder always go out of your way to be friendly and make every customer feel comfortable.

And for the record, the anonymous player I am quoting, that was so not made up!