Make A Wish


Walking into the entrance of the Napa Valley Casino doors, do you ever notice the brass Buddha statue standing in the middle of the room?  Well the statue stands there for more than just decorative purposes.  It is a symbol, a token to bring fortune for the price of no more than a penny (or so have I been told).

Walking by the Napa Buddha, I tend to make an effort to check each day to see if coins are placed into the basket which the man is carrying, to see if there are believers coming into Napa Valley Casino testing their luck with quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies, and even 50 cent orange pieces.  I must say, the Napa Buddha definitely serves its purpose, but the question still lies, “Is it bringing the results that players are looking for?”

And so the project opens, “Have you experienced fortune, whether big or small from contributing to the Napa Buddha’s basket?”  Try it out and perhaps there may come our next $64,000 Monster Bad Beat Bonus winner!  I intend on surveying myself in the matter.  After all it is all in good fun.