Poker Economy Thriving STILL!!


In this economy, people have seen the housing market plummet, stocks collapse, major companies fold or bailed out and the unemployment rate increase; however, poker is still thriving and poker players are still playing.  Like all currency the value of the currency increases or decreases depending on its value in the world market.  At times the U.S. dollar can be worth 9/10th of a Euro other times it can be worth 11/10th.  However, when it comes to poker, and throughout poker’s history, $40 in chips still and will always yield a return of 40 $1 chips or a combination of multiple denominations equaling $40 in chips.  Unlike the value of the U.S dollar, the value printed on poker chips remains the constant through its existence.  A poker player will never receive $45 in chips for a $40 buy-in when the U.S. dollar is high or $32 in chips for a $40 buy-in when the U.S. dollar is low.  This consistency in chips per dollar ratio allows poker players the opportunity to determine what game they would like to play depending on their bankroll instead of eliminating playing poker entirely.


When a poker player is running well or has a higher bankroll they tend to play higher limit games to increase their margin of profit; nonetheless, if a player is running bad or has a lower bankroll they tend to play lower limit games to minimize any possible losses.  At Napa Valley Casino they provide a wide variety of games, tournaments and events for all players to play comfortably and utilize their poker strategy to increase their win margin or minimize any loss.


                Napa Valley Casino’s poker games have thrived through the rough economic times because of their multitude of high-limit and low-limit games, high return poker tournaments, and numerous customer appreciation events.  Understandably, if a player was a $450 a visit No-limit player and due to economic setbacks became a $4-8 Hold’em player they have both games available.  Moreover, if a player’s economic situation started to better and they wanted to move from $1-2 No-limit player to the $5-$10 “Big Game” No-limit, they have both games available.  The range of limit games and no-limit games at Napa Valley Casino allows players the variety to play in any size poker game of their choosing no matter their economic situation or economic goals.  More importantly, Napa Valley Casino provides numerous customer appreciation events that allows players to win for free.


Every month Napa Valley Casino puts on a $3,300 Freeroll Tournament for players that play between the hours of 2:00am – 9:00am within the month.  Moreover, frequent $1,000 Freeroll tournaments, including an upcoming $1,000 Freeroll on Tuesday March 13, 2012 @ 11:00pm.


If a poker player feels that their biggest bang for their buck is tournament poker, Napa Valley Casino offers five weekly tournaments ranging from $40 buy-in to $115 buy-in.  These tournament buy-in amounts allow players to work on their game affordably and profitably with huge tournament payouts.  Check out everything Napa Valley Casino has to offer via website Http:// (707)644-8851.