Two weeks away from Napa Valley’s $1000.00 Freeroll (The Pot of Gold Rumble) and you can only imagine, the card club is going to be filled.

Now the tournament may have less significance to it, being that is held on a Tuesady four days before St. Patrick’s Day, but it still serves the same purpose on a day that is suppose to bring us good fortune.  We want see people in their green outfits, carrying four leaf clovers, rabbits foot, and horseshoes.  Little Buddha’s basket is likely to get filled (I still wonder where all that change goes by the way).  This is our day to celebrate “Green!”

Being that there will be a wide variety of players going for the pot of gold, it’s hard to determine who will place and who will win (not that it’s ever a simple answer to project a winner), but if you had to go with a player who you would likely see at the final table, put your money on one the top 10 POY leaders.  Is it luck, attrition or just plain skill the reasons why we see players such as Wes (270 pts and current leader) or Juan (112 pts) always going deep into NVC tourney’s?

“I just want my golf clubs!” says Wes NVC leader.  Near 300 player points already, he must want some pretty expensive golf clubs.

Win or lose, it’s a night you can’t miss out on.  Playing cards, while being able to get free dinner and play in a free tournament, with a chance to hit the near $65,000 jackpot… sounds like a good night to me!