The Napa Valley Experience


Come in and see why we are “The Friendliest Casino in America!”

Of course the general reason why NVC is your friendliest casino is because we feed our customers.  Is this all it takes? <That’s all it takes for me, and they give you napkins>

With no staff member in particular that goes out of the way to uphold the motto, “Friendliest Casino,” curiosity has got the best of us in terms of who stands out. Napa Valley Casino’s latest poll’s (favorite staff, favorite meal) provides an example of what your best Napa Valley experience can be.

According to the poll’s (and this is an ongoing vote), Bee, our primetime dealer is best served to help you enjoy your gaming experience with Todd as your host.  Along with Bee and Todd’s excellent customer service involved is a hearty dinner of Fajita’s with grilled chicken or carne asada. Can this get any better? Of course winning couldn’t hurt either!

You had me at food!”