Texas or Omaha???

Which one would you rather play or which one is more frustrating… Texas Hold’em or Omaha Hi/Lo Split.  Texas Hold’em you only have two cards and the combination of those cards plus any on the board creates a five-card hand – highest hand wins.  Omaha Hi/Lo you have 4 cards and a combination of 2 of the 4 plus three on board creates a five-card hand – highest hand wins.

Texas Hold’em Pro and Cons

The combination of 1 or 2 of your hole cards can create a strong hand.  The ability to limit what people have in their hand is easier.  No split pot, unless its a tie.  Played by more players with lower and higher stakes.

However, the best starting hand, Pocket Aces can lose to any small 2-pair.  A 2 card straight can lose to a person’s one card straight.  A 2 card flush can lose to a players higher 1 card flush.  Higher multitude of quality starting hands.

Omaha Hi/Lo Split Pros and Cons

2 cards must play eliminating any 1 card straight or flush winning.  Can win half the pot with a high only or with a low only.  A lot more action due to the higher amounts of draws and possible cards to improve a players hand.

However, frustrating, when a players has a wrap low draw and high and the board pairs killing all possibilities.  Frustrating when A-2-3 and the board flops A-2-3.  Frustrating Omaha 9… If there is a possible best high and/or best low a payer usually has it.

To top it all it seems like Omaha Hi/Lo Split is a more frustrating game to play but personally its the funnest.  Try your pick at both and tell me which one you like better or hate worse…