Not As Easy As It Looks…

Poker is an exciting game, an exhilarating game, a monetary game; however, it is not as easy as it looks.  Television glamorizes poker to an all-time high.  Broadcasting its excitement, fame and fortune, and player hole cards so looking outside in call/raise/fold decisions are easy.  However, poker is not as easy as television makes it out to be.  It is not easy facing a bet for your tournament life with pocket 10s and the board read K,J,5.  It is not easy grinding everyday in a No-limit game or a limit game to earn enough money to pay bills or for that next tournament buy-in.  It is not easy when it seems like whatever you do at the table it is the wrong move.  Poker is not an easy game but that is what makes it better when you do win.

It is exciting when your pocket Aces hold because players know how easy it to be beat.  It is exciting when you flop a set because players know how hard for it to be done.  It is exciting when your bluff works because of its difficulty, and its exciting when you do when a tournament because you remember all those time busting out of the tournament receiving no money.  Take heed that poker is tough but that is what makes it exciting.  Remember though, always improve your game, always variance your game, and always play with love for the game.

Poker we hate it when we lose and love it when we win… Just remember at the end of the day it is just a game.