Live Cash Game or Tournament Poker?

When you see poker pros on television they earn their claim to fame either through tournament poker or live cash game.  Erik Siedel, a man known for his huge tournament payout, is the way he earned his fame in the poker business.  Phil Hellmuth, the leader in WSOP tournament bracelets, is known for his WSOP tournaments.  However, players like Phil Ivey, Jason Mercier, Gus Hanson earned the fame through live play and then became great tournament players in addition.

Which route is better, earning money through live game or earning money through the cash game?  When you play in the live game players risk their own money and can only earn the amount of money that is on the table or in players pockets.  If you lose $1,000 in the cash game a player can always buy back in and earn money back and more.  In a live game players can win jackpots and bonuses.  The only risk they take are what is on the table and in their pockets.

Tournament poker players have different means and reasoning to win money.  In tournament poker the buy-in are smaller and the payouts huge but players must manage their way through the masses of people.  Instead of beating the players on their table, in tournament they must be knowledgeable of their stack compared to the rest of the field.  Risk $100 in a buy-in but possibly win thousands depending on the number of players.

What would you like to be your claim to fame; live game earnings tournament earnings?  Which one is easier to accomplish?  The game has changed so much over the last decade and players have improved tremendously overall? But a win is a win and winning in poker is not always easy…