Poker Tournament – From A Player’s View

Casino Players View in Bay Area Poker Tournament

Poker Tournaments allows players to earn a high amount of money (depending on number of players of guaranteed prize pool) for a limited amount of money.  What makes poker tournaments different than live games is for that reason but in which the tournament is structured and the blinds increase with time.

From a player’s view blinds in the tournament are their worst nightmare.  It always seems that the increased blinds always come when they are first to act and when they are in the blinds.  Also it translates into more money must go in the pot to protect, bet, bluff or call a bet.  Most importantly it can also dictate my action depending on how many chips they have.  But there is also a positive to increased blinds and antes.  Increased blind means that higher quality starting will be in the pot, raising allows for strong hands only to call, and larger chip stacks can gobble or allow the blinds to gobble shorter chip stacks.  Antes opens the door for free money to be taken by the more aggressive player.

Tournaments are fun and exciting too.  Think, in a live game where can players see players cards when they are all-in and see how every card on the flop, turn, and river affects the hand directly.  Tournaments is a players where people meet, interact, unveil the mystery of what seat they are in for the tournament.  Let the chips FLY…

In tournament strategy consist of how the structures of the tournament is listed.  Longer rounds and higher starting chips stack means slow grind increase, lower chip stacks with shorter rounds means in the middle of the rounds make your move to accumulate chips then maintain and let the lower stack be eaten by the blinds.

Remember… There are three things to win any tournament, patience,blind stealing, and LUCK!  Have fun out there on the felt