Poker Tournaments – Tournament Director’s Point of View

Tournaments are a thing of beauty from a Tournament Director’s point of view.  Every tournament the director sees a massive group of poker players battle it out for a huge prize pool.  Players from all different ages and races to players with different types of strategy and poker play.  Each tournament the director watches the wild and aggressive player battle the tight poker player, or the loud talkative player working strategy against the quiet sunglasses player.  The director watches all-in get called and sees the dramatics of how the turn puts one player in the lead and the river reverses the role.  The tournament director watches a forced all-in 10 – 5 pair up against A-J to survive.  How players with $2,500 in starting chips bust-out when the rounds are $10-20 but through it all its an exciting time.

There are three elements that make the tournament director pleased about his tournament.  The first element is the size of the tournament attendance, the second element is the amount of action created through the tournament structure, and the third element is fun.  If all three elements are present within a tournament the tournament is a success.  The larger the tournament entries the larger the prize pool but also the larger amount of characters playing in the tournament.  Characters add flavor, color, charisma, the “it” factor which is always definitely needed.  The second element of action creates the spark of the game to ignite the fire.  If the structure allows for players to wait too long for good hands or simple forces them to all-in all the time that structure is not viable; however, if the structure and chip stacks allows players to raise, bluff, 3-bet, and so forth while not forcing predetermined all-ins then the tournament structure is good.  Lastly, if players are having fun then that is what is keeps them coming back; the experience.

In tournaments only a small few win money but if each and every player is having a good time while they are playing then they will come back and try again to win.

Visit any of NVC tournaments and determine for yourself if they have these three elements that produces a successful tournament.