What To Do WIth Aces (A,A)???

Is it always easy to decide what to do with Aces?  Raise of course but that is where the controversy begins.  In No-limit is it always better to raise or flat call?  If a player raises then they must decide how much.  Too much on the raise a players gets no action for their Aces [sic] and too little of a raise and there are numerous callers into the pot [frustrating].  In a 2-3 No-limit game does a player raise to $18 or $23 or min raises to $6.  If a player in front of them raises before do they re-raise and take the pot down with no flop or flat call to disguise the hand.  [So confused too many decisions to make].  Does a player check raise with Aces on the flop with a dry board.  What would you do?

In a limit hold’em game is a raise with Aces necessary or does the player wait for the flop to determine their action.  If a player is in the big blind and has 5 callers in front of them is it worth the additional bet to raise [Helpless].  If a player in front of them raise is a re-raise in order and build the pot to give others pot odds or flat call and hope that the board is blank.  What would you do?

In some casinos they reward monetary value for players having their Aces cracked.  Is that worth it?  Should players get paid for playing Aces weakly and hoping for others to beat them.  In some details Aces only has a 2 outer to improve their hand [another ace] but 2 separate cards have 6 outs and any possible straight draws.  I say Aces are confusing sometime but hearing the phrase, “I hate Aces” is ridiculous.  Give me Aces every hand and guarantee I’ll be a winning player.