Online Poker on Its Way Back???

Recent postings and articles from several poker blogs and websites have released information that online live cash game poker is on its way back to the United States and in a hurry.  Currently several states including California and Nevada have legislation in the process to make online poker legal in their state.  For which state passes this legislation first would be huge in terms of the poker world but also income for the state.

Yesterday, rumors swirled that will buyout the tainted company and all of its bad publicity and debts.  They plan not only for the sake of U.S. online poker but poker in general to rebuild a community that was once destroyed by black Friday one year ago.  For those that still have money in limbo on Full Tilt Poker, their loss will be repaid by  This not only means will buyout one of their biggest rivals in the online poker scene but repay all bad accounts so once poker is legalized in certain states players can use that money again.

Personally, online poker is a huge learning grounds for beginners and experience players.  So many players got introduced or crafted their game through online play, eventually to play in the live game and big in the live game.  Without that online poker presence the growth of poker has slowed and thus hurt live game action.  Legalize online poker in California, not only will the state benefit tremendously but also will poker players, the poker community, and live game poker itself