If You Hit The Monster Bad Beat Bonus


The Monster Bad Beat Bonus at Napa Valley Casino has reached record numbers towering into the $72,000 mark.  The bonus starting at $50,000 and $100 is added everyday with the current total of $72,000 that means that the Monster Bad Beat Bonus has not been hit for 220 days!  Statistically and on an average bad beat bonus are suppose to occur three times a year that’s about 120 days or on average when then bonus reaches $62,000.  Some say that the Monster Bad Beat Bonus is overdue and ready to hit, others just don’t believe.

If you were that person to be dealt quad 8’s or better and have them beaten by a higher quad, straight flush or Royal Flush, what would it feel like, what would you do, how would you spend the money?  At current totals the losing hand of the bad beat would walk away (without taxes) with $36,000.  Most people would say if they hit that they would spend it on bills, all of it? What would you buy yourself? What you take a trip with the money? Vegas, Bahamas, Miami, Costa Rica…  Would the money make you even or ahead in your overall poker bankroll?

$36,000 would be a huge amount of income at one time.  Definitely, the first things I would do with the money is put some on bills, some to parents to have a good time, and some to grandparents to have a good time.  Have a big party for friends and family, and then take a trip to relax and have more fun.  The rest of the money would save for the future, whatever that may bring and to play more poker.  Poker is a fun, exciting, relaxing game and if people, including myself, had more money to play poker with then I would play it more often, it’s inevitable.