If No-Limit Action Is What You Are Seeking???

No-limit Texas Hold’em has become the staple and premier game for poker since around 2000.  Before people would play Low-ball, huh? Omaha, kinda know the game, or even Razz or Stud.  However, as poker has become more televised and opened to a younger audience those games are being left to the Mixed Games crowd and the players that played it in the past.

What is it that players like to see from a No-Limit Texas Hold’em game?  Would players like a full game of 9 to 10 players or a smaller more condensed game with 5 to 6 players.  Do No-limit players like to see a highly actionable table, where chips are flying everywhere from one player to another and can make or break the bank?  Or would No- Limit players like to see a loose “donkey” who has a lot of chips in play and give away their money?  Or, would No-limit players like to see an intellectual tight table where players are able to bluff, pick-off each other, and always question if the player had the hand or not?  I believe No-limit players want a mix of all the different scenarios.  A full game with tight players, loose players, “donkies,” lots of action… because all those characteristics of the game makes what No-limit poker what it is?

Next question is if the blind limits matter in determining a good No-limit game and if players want to play No-limit?  Blinds can range from $1 – $2 all the way to the $10,000s but that will determine how much is needed to play the game.

Comment on this next scenario:

If a casino (Napa Valley Casino) offered a $1 -1 -2 Blind ($100max) No-limit or a $1 – 2 – 3 Blind ($300 max) No-limit or $2 – 2 – 5 Blind (No-max) No-Limit what game would you play and why?