WSOP Final Table: Octo-Nine Part II

After a marathon of the final three players the 2012 World Series of Poker Champion has been crowned.  For those that watched the entire television cast of the final three, they were in for a show.

The final three players, Balsinger (short stack), Sylvia, and Merson headed into Tuesday to determine a champion.  The first hand was dealt at 5:00pm and the first player out was at 5:00am, twelve hours later.  Four hours into the final three Merson pulls off a tremendous bluff that collected him a huge chip lead over the other two competitors.

Hours later the WSOP had its first all-in showdown when short stack Balsinger shoves all-in with A-10 and was called against A-Q (Suited).  The flop yielded a blank but on the turn a 10 hit the board saving Balsinger’s chance of winning everything.

A few hands later a four bet all-in faced off against Merson and Sylvia.  Sylvia’s title chance was at stake when his A-K faced off against Merson’s K-K.  The board flopped 2-3-5 giving Sylvia 4 more outs to hit a 4 or an Ace to stay alive.  The turn produced a blank and the river delivered the saving 4.

Many hours passed until the short stack Balsinger went out in 3rd place, leaving Merson and Sylvia heads-up for the bracelet and $8.5 million.  The final hand after 11 hours of play was K-5 suited for Merson versus Q-J suited of Sylvia.  The board showed 5 blank cards and Merson won the hand and the Championship with King high.

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