Napa Valley Casino Bad Beat Jackpot Reaches $89,000

There’s about to be some major dollars dished out at Napa Valley Casino in American Canyon, California. The card room’s Bad Beat Jackpot has swelled to nearly $90,000 after not being hit in over a year. And, unlike other casinos, Napa Valley Casino does not take a jackpot drop, instead seeding it with its own cash. PocketFives sat down with Napa Valley Casino’s Chris Henderson to talk about the monster bad beat jackpot as well as several upcoming promotions.

PocketFives: Tell us about the Bad Beat Jackpot reaching $89,000. When is it going to hit?

Chris Henderson: It’s a progressive jackpot that increases by $100 each day. We started at $50,000 and it has been 390 days since it’s been hit. It’s been a while. That’s why it’s built up so much. Usually, it hits around $50,000 or $55,000 a few times a year. For some reason, it hasn’t hit in over a year.

PocketFives: None of the Bad Beat Jackpot money is taken directly from players, right?

Chris Henderson: The $50,000 that each Bad Beat Jackpot starts at is budgeted money, so it’s coming out of the regular casino account. We’ve set money aside for that. Quad eights have to lose to win it. Throughout the year, we’ve had several smaller jackpots hit, which include things like aces full of tens being beaten by quads.

PocketFives: You’re fresh off your highly successful Cruise Giveaway. Who won?

Chris Henderson: The person who won had 43 hours of play between 9:00pm and 9:00am. She won the freeroll and now gets a cruise. She is a solid No Limit Hold’em player who plays pretty much all the time. It was one of those things where she was hot at the beginning of the tournament, dumped away a lot of chips, and got hot again at the end of the tournament.

We had five women qualify for the 50-person Cruise Freeroll. There are a lot of women who play poker here compared to other casinos. There are females who play big here in our Pot Limit Omaha game. There are a lot more women who play here compared to your average casino.

PocketFives: Talk about how women play at Napa Valley Casino style-wise compared to other poker rooms. Is there a difference?

Chris Henderson: The women who play here are pretty lively. They have money behind, they have chips, and they like to fling them. They like to play. That’s one thing that’s a little different here.

PocketFives: Are Thanksgiving and Christmas busier than other days?

Chris Henderson: There will be more people here on those days. Right now, it’s starting to get that foggy, overcast weather in the Bay Area. When that happens, people have less to do and don’t want to be outside. They come in and spend their day here. In the summertime, people are always doing something outside. You don’t play cards if you have a BBQ and other things to go to. When it gets kind of cold and you’re sitting in your house, that’s when you go play cards.

PocketFives: We understand you’re remodeling.

Chris Henderson: We’re going through a lot of remodeling to make our facilities better. We’re stepping up our amenities for poker players also. We’re giving free WiFi to players who are in our building so they don’t have to use their own networks. We’re also increasing our food offering and are looking at bringing in masseuses. These will all make a player’s experience better.

PocketFives: How did the addition of free WiFi come about?

Chris Henderson: It makes a player’s experience better. You can use your phone, check your e-mail, and do anything else you want to without killing your data. It also takes longer to operate your phone when you’re not on a WiFi network. It makes it a lot easier for people to Tweet and Facebook. I can look up something online really fast. It makes it less of a hassle.

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