Fortune Pai-Gow Poker: What Is It, And How People Win BIG!!!

Fortune Pai Gow poker (also known as double hand poker) is played with 53 cards: a standard 52 card deck with one joker. The joker may be used as an ace, or to complete a straight or a flush. The game is dealt on a poker style table to seven positions. The dealer button denotes which player is the Player/Dealer for that hand.

The House dealer will deal seven hands face down, each hand contains seven cards. The Player/Dealer selects one of the seven hands as the first hand to be delivered. The House Dealer places an action button on the selected hand.

The dice cup (containing three dice) is shaken by the Player/Dealer to determine which position receives the first action hand.

The Players set their hands (or players may request their hand to be set house way.) Out of the seven cards two hands are made, one two card hand and one five card hand. The five card hand must rank higher than the two card hand. The players place their hands face down with the two card hand in the front and the five card hand in the back.

After all players have set their hands, the House Dealer will open the Player/Dealer’s hand. The Player/Dealer will determine which way their hand will be set.

Hand Rankings
Paytable Pays
1. 7 Card Straight Flush                                                  Bonus: 8,000 to 1
2. Royal Flush + Royal Match                                       Bonus: 2,000 to 1
3. 7 Card Straight Flush with Joker                             Bonus: 1,000 to 1
4. Five Aces                                                                         Bonus: 400 to 1
5. Royal Flush                                                                     Bonus: 150 to 1
6. Straight Flush                                                               Bonus: 50 to 1
7. Four-of-a-Kind                                                             Bonus: 25 to 1
8. Full House                                                                      Bonus: 5 to 1
9. Flush                                                                                Bonus: 4 to 1
10. Three-of-a-Kind                                                         Bonus: 3 to 1
11. Straight                                                                          Bonus: 2 to 1
12. Two-Pair
13. One-Pair
14. High Card

How Players Win:

Players win by winning both the high hand and low hand; however players win big through BONUS bets wins, BUY bets, and BANKING.  As the table above shows hitting bonus multiply wins dramatically, especially 4-of-a-kinds and higher.  Players also win BIG by BUYING hands which means they place bets on the dealer’s hand beating a player’s hand.  Furthermore, players win BIG through BANKING.  BANKING is when a players takes the role of the bank and the dealer’s hand.  While banking if the dealer hand is stronger than the player’s hand then they win the bet; however, if the player’s hand is higher than the dealers then the BANK pays the dealers.

Fortune Pai-Gow is a fun and exciting game, come down to Napa Valley Casino and take part in the fun.  Any additional questions about the game please feel free to call (707) 644-8851.