Blackjack – The Game Movies Were Made After…

Movies like 21 and Jinxed are based  around the game of Blackjack.  Maybe one of the most exciting casino games to date, blackjack unveils a one-on-one challenge between player and dealer where each decision can determine current and future wins or losses.

Single-deck or multiple deck games, blackjack’s main concept is to accumulate a card total higher than the dealer and/or closer to 21 without going over.  An Ace is 1 or 11 while and Face-card is 10.  A “natural” 21 is a combination of an Ace and a face-card in the first two cards dealt.

The excitement of blackjack comes from the unknowing future of which the next card presents.  Should I bet high this hand or low? Should I take another card and risk going over 21? Should I try to let the dealer’s hand go over 21? Should I split, double-down…?  So many decisions that bring uncertainty but when its for money its exciting.
Ever listen to a blackjack table and the words that people say? Paint… Monkey… Face-down…? Well, those are all terms and lingo of the game. Paint = Face-card valued at 10, Monkey is another term for paint where players want the dealer to have it so they exceed 21, and Face-down is when they double-down and do not want to see the card they received until after the dealer is done with its hand.

The game of blackjack is exciting and that why Hollywood made movies around it.  Join the excitement and play a session… Don’t forget about the Buster Bones Bet where $5 could turn into $1,000!!!