Reading To Learn or Playing To Learn

Poker is always a game of learning, from the first hand a player plays or the last hand hand of the session.  Remember the first time playing poker, people did not know the difference between hands from a full house to a flush.  Players did not know the rankings of a hand in that a flush beats a straight but as time passes players learned the rules of the game, the hand rankings of the game, and developed a strategy to win.

Others, choose a different way of learning how to play poker and their first step is picking up a book.  Super System by Doyle Brunson, or Hold’em Poker by David Sklansky provide expert experience and knowledge of the game of poker.  The rules of the game, different strategies, poker tells, how to manage your bankroll and so forth.  Both methods of learning poker can be successful but they must be applied accurately.

Poker players need to use both methods and apply what they have learned to become better at playing poker, and developing into good poker players.  If a player starts learning poker through playing, becoming a better poker player will develop through  what they learn on the table with the addition of knowledge learned through a book.  In contrast, if a player learns poker through a book, they must apply what they learn  in the live game.

Texas Hold’em and all forms of poker is a game of skill, knowledge and understanding.  The more a player understands about the game the better they can become. So if reading is how a player learns poker or playing is how a player learns the game of poker, have fun because it is only a game.