“Black Friday” in the Poker World

Thanksgiving season is a yearly day and reminder to take time out of the day to be thankful for love ones, family and friends all around us.  Thanksgiving is also the mark to start holiday saving season beginning with Black Friday.

In the United States Black Friday is a joyous day where people wait in long lines for blowout saving at department stores.  10% off, 20%, 70% huge savings for everyday items and items of luxury.  However, in the poker world, especially online poker, Black Friday is a sad and grave day.

Although the official Black Friday was on April 15, 2011, the day after income tax filing was due, the term Black Friday has its own dark meaning.  Black Friday was the day online poker was shut down in the United States.  The two main sites Pokerstars.net and FullTiltPoker.net found themselves in legal trouble with the United States Department of Justice and sent tens of thousands of people in flux with no way of playing or taking their money out of their players account.

18 months have passed since Black Friday and progress has been made since such a dark day was set on April 15, 2011.  United States players have been able to recuperate their money in their account, FullTiltPoker.net has been purchased and re-opened by competitor PokerStars.net, and several States have passed legislation to legalize online poker while others or progressing towards similar legislation.

Thanksgiving brings forward a joyous day and Black Friday full of sale and huge discount but in the poker world “Black Friday” is day we do not want to see again.