NVC Weekly Report 11.28.2012

Napa Valley Casino
NVC Weekly Report: 11.28.2012

As the Thanksgiving season passes us, and black Friday sales come to an end, Napa Valley Casino is still in the giving mood; the thankful mood.  For an update on the Monster Bad Beat Bonus, no it has not been hit yet and the current total is $91,900!!! That is $45,950 to the losing hand, $22,975 to the winning hand, and $22,975 table share. If you are not playing at Napa Valley Casino, you may miss out the day the casino pays.

Napa Valley Casino’s live game games are at an all-time high.  $2-3 No-limit Texas Hold’em is consistently holding multiple tables all night and provide huge and exciting poker action.  $4-8 Limit Texas Hold’em has seen seen its share of phenomenal 24/7 action.  Huge pots, tremendous action, friendly players all night long and donuts in the morning.  Be apart of the live game action and win.

In tournament news we apologize to consistent and potential new tournament players but starting Sunday December 2, 2013 all 2:00pm tournaments will be cancelled until the 2013 schedule is confirmed; however…

This Saturday December 1, 2012 Napa Valley Casino will host the $40 9:00am tournament.  Later on in the day at 2:00pm Napa Valley Casino will host the monthly DeepStack Tournament.  $115 buy-in with an optional $10 add-on.  This is the last DeepStack Tournament of the year, so don’t miss out winning big.

For the Graveyard Freeroll Tournament qualifiers, there are 2 days left in the month of November.  That leave a maximum of 14 hours to add to any already hours in accumulating the minimum total of 30 hours or achieving the maximum of 60.  $1,500 for 1st Place…  The $3,300 Graveyard Tournament will be held on Saturday December 8, 2012 @ 8:00am.

The date has been set for that all tournament players have been waiting all year long; The 2012 Napa Valley Casino Player of the Year Championship.  This tournament is scheduled for Saturday January 12, 2013 @ 8:00am.  Open only to the Top 30 tournament point qualifiers throughout 2012, the winner will receive an elegant crystal trophy, huge cash, and a vacation choice for two.  $10,000 in starting chips, 20 min rounds, on January 12, 2013 Napa Valley Casino will determine who is their first Player of the Year.

Keep in mind all the bonuses Napa Valley Casino offers.  Morning Bonus from 9:00am -11:00am, first time player bonus, progressive Royal Flush Bonus, Easy and Monster Bad Beat Bonus, and Omaha Bad Beat.

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