Napa Valley Casino: The Making of a Champion


Although Napa Valley Casino is small and cozy, compared to other casinos around the nation, we to here are breeding the next poker champion. Napa Valley Casino’s own Bas has taken on the challenge of the poker tournament grind and in his recent activity his hard work paid off.

November 30 – December 3rd Ante Up poker held its NorCal poker tournament at Thunder Valley Casino with a $200,000 Prize Pool Guarantee. Bas entered the tournament with plans of winning it all but came just a few short of the top prize. The blog interviewed Bas to talk about his experience and what’s next on his calendar.

What was your strategy entering the tournament?
Bas answered: I wanted to stay aggressive throughout the tournament and pick my spots carefully when and how I play certain hands. Staying aggressive puts pressure on players and pressure forces people into mistakes.

At any point in the tournament did you want your chip stack to be a specific amount?
Bas answered: I wanted to be above average chip stack going into the second day but more importantly was to stay consistent in how I played than my chip stack. At times I led in chips but going into the second day I was third in chips, and was very pleased at that.

Did you think you ran well or more pick your spots?
Bas answered: I ran well, of course you have to, to do well in a tournament but I took my hits like other players but I could afford them and I continued to play my game.

What was your feeling getting into the money?
Bas answered: Getting into the money had little to no effect on me because I have made the money in tournaments before but I went there and had my goal set out on winning the entire tournament.

How did it feel being at the Final Table?

Bas answered: It felt good being at the Final Table. The Final Table is where you want to be at to win the tournament. I was not nervous I just wanted to continue to play my game and hopefully win.
At the Final Table I sat in between the two biggest chip stacks which hindered my play but I went out in 5th when I shoved short stack with A-7 (Diamonds) and ran up against Pocket 10s. That’s how it goes sometimes.

Do have any advice for poker players?
Bas answered: Continued to improve your game and take things one step at a time. Next in my schedule is playing the Bay101 Shooting Star.

Bas makes his poker home at Napa Valley Casino, start your journey somewhere and nothing sounds better than the “The Friendliest Casino in America”