Napa Valley Casino 1st (Ever) Player of the Year Champion

This past Saturday, January 12, 2013 Napa Valley Casino crowned its first of many Player of the Year Champion. Throughout 2012 players battled it out each and every tournament to earn points, in order to gain entry into the Player of the Year Championship on January 12, 2013. The Top 30 in points gained entry into this winner-take-all tournament, where the winner received the elegant crystal trophy, $2,500 cash prize and a vacation getaway package.

At 8:00am the 30 players sat down and begin their journey for the title. Each starting with $10,000 in chips, they began to battle and a battle it was. At the end of 5 hours only 4 remained and at the end of 6 hours only 2 players remained. Heads-up battle last 2 rounds until the soon to be champion shoved all-in on the river on a 2-2-3-K-9 board with 2-5 to be called against with 10-3.

Congratulation to our new champion, can’t wait to see who will win it next year…