Omaha Hi/Lo _A Dying Game?

People say Omaha Hi/Lo is a dying poker game, Texas Hold’em is the game of the present, and Pot Limit Omaha is the poker game of the future.  Is this true or is the current poker scene a little bit different?  Definitely, Texas Hold’em is the poker game of the present.  A high majority of poker players play Texas Hold’em, for its simplicity, its sheer mass of players and games, and its publicity.  For those that say Pot Limit Omaha is the game of the future, may be true.  More Pot Limit Omaha games are spreading around local casinos and cardrooms and professional poker players are taking the intellectual challenge of the game.  If Pot Limit Omaha, which is a high hand only game, is where professional poker players are taking on the challenge, what about the a game that has a high and a low.

Visit a casino or a cardroom and take a look at the Omaha Hi/Lo game.  A majority of the players in the game are higher in their age.  Why?  I believe the answer is, that is the game they grew up on, not Texas Hold’em.  But why are not more people flocking to the game?  One reason is that a majority of poker players do not understand the game and its rules, while others who give it a chance lose quickly and give up on it forever.

Omaha Hi?Lo rules, include the same as Pot Limit Omaha.  Four card dealt, two in your hand and three on the board (must) will produce a five card poker hand.  Now the big difference is that players are not playing for the best high hand possible but also playing for the best low hand for half the pot.  What a challenge?  Using four cards to produce the best possible high and low hand.  It is a challenge, take the challenge, and understand, learn, and play the game.  Omaha Hi/Lo a dying game? Well lets use some CPR and give life back to it.Image