“Black Friday” in the Poker World

Thanksgiving season is a yearly day and reminder to take time out of the day to be thankful for love ones, family and friends all around us.  Thanksgiving is also the mark to… Continue reading

Tournament Update: Starting Sunday December 9, 2012 ALL 2:00PM TOURNAMENTS CANCELLED

Tournament Update: Starting Sunday December 9, 2012 ALL 2:00PM TOURNAMENTS CANCELLED JOIN US SATURDAY & SUNDAY @ 9:00AM TOURNAMENT $40 BUY-IN

Winning Is A Lifestyle

If your outside life is going south, come to Napa Valley Casino where you are always a winner.

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Reading To Learn or Playing To Learn

Poker is always a game of learning, from the first hand a player plays or the last hand hand of the session.  Remember the first time playing poker, people did not know the… Continue reading

Happy Veterans Day

Napa Valley Casino Honor Our Country’s Veterans Help Napa Valley Casino Raise Money For the Wounded Warrior Project by Donating $10 @ Napa Valley Casino and Receiving The NVC Memorial Coin Card Protector.

Napa Valley Casino Player of the Year

THE NAPA VALLEY CASINO PLAYER OF THE YEAR TROPHY Saturday, January 12, 2013 @ 8:00am 2012 Top 30 in Tournament Points Qualify For the Tournament.  It’s Never Too Late To Earn Your Seat.… Continue reading

Blackjack – The Game Movies Were Made After…

Movies like 21 and Jinxed are based  around the game of Blackjack.  Maybe one of the most exciting casino games to date, blackjack unveils a one-on-one challenge between player and dealer where each… Continue reading

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Take Time Out Before Playing & VOTE!

Today is a special day because it only happens once every four years. Just like February 29 this day is special for its rarity.  It’s Election Day.  Before you decide to play poker,… Continue reading