Napa Valley Casino: Newest Commercial

Watch Out for it on your local listings… And Remember, Napa Valley Casino is where “Winning is A Lifestyle” Advertisements

Napa Valley Casino Weekly Report: 10.17.2012

Napa Valley Casino NVC Weekly Report: 10.17.2012 Do you need a vacation, after such a nice summer season?.  Well, Napa Valley Casino is giving away one vacation this Saturday October 20, 2012 @… Continue reading

The End of Summer But the Heat is Still Here…

As the rise in temperature continues and clear sunny weather showcases the blue sky, these indicators clearly demonstrate that summertime is here and here to stay.  Earlier sunrises and later sunsets signify more… Continue reading

If No-Limit Action Is What You Are Seeking???

No-limit Texas Hold’em has become the staple and premier game for poker since around 2000.  Before people would play Low-ball, huh? Omaha, kinda know the game, or even Razz or Stud.  However, as… Continue reading

NVC Representing At the WSOP

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the “Mecca” of poker tournaments around the world, held every year from May through July.  The best of the best poker players come from every nook… Continue reading

Summertime Action

Summertime is here and everybody knows what that means; elevated temperatures, nice beautiful days, outdoor activities, and tremendous poker action at the casinos.  For some strange reason or not when the temperature rises… Continue reading

WSOP Almost Here

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is only six days away from starting.  Sunday May 27, 2012 starts the Las Vegas poker craze with the opening tournament of Casino Employees Tournament.  The WSOP… Continue reading

If You Hit The Monster Bad Beat Bonus

The Monster Bad Beat Bonus at Napa Valley Casino has reached record numbers towering into the $72,000 mark.  The bonus starting at $50,000 and $100 is added everyday with the current total of… Continue reading

If Poker Had A Draft?

If poker had a draft every year who would be your number one pick?  This weekend hosted the male soap opera of the 2012 NFL Draft.  Young, prospective college players eager and willing… Continue reading

Online Poker on Its Way Back???

Recent postings and articles from several poker blogs and websites have released information that online live cash game poker is on its way back to the United States and in a hurry.  Currently… Continue reading