Favorite Starting Hand?


The Napa Valley Experience

  Come in and see why we are “The Friendliest Casino in America!” Of course the general reason why NVC is your friendliest casino is because we feed our customers.  Is this all… Continue reading

Favorite Meal At Napa Valley Casino?


  Two weeks away from Napa Valley’s $1000.00 Freeroll (The Pot of Gold Rumble) and you can only imagine, the card club is going to be filled. Now the tournament may have less… Continue reading

Poker Economy Thriving STILL!!

  In this economy, people have seen the housing market plummet, stocks collapse, major companies fold or bailed out and the unemployment rate increase; however, poker is still thriving and poker players are… Continue reading

Favorite Male NVC Staff?

Make A Wish

  Walking into the entrance of the Napa Valley Casino doors, do you ever notice the brass Buddha statue standing in the middle of the room?  Well the statue stands there for more… Continue reading

NVC Favorite Female Employee?

NVC Giveaway!!!!

NVC Weekly Report 2.14.14

NVC Weekly Report 2.14.12 Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone from your Napa Valley Casino family.  Valentine’s Day is associated with hearts, for love, and diamonds, a material possession to show love.  Those two… Continue reading