If Poker Had A Draft?

If poker had a draft every year who would be your number one pick?  This weekend hosted the male soap opera of the 2012 NFL Draft.  Young, prospective college players eager and willing to be drafted by one out of the thirty-two NFL teams.  NFL teams maneuvering themselves in the right position of the draft to pick the player they want and need, and any possible late round steals.

If you were a GM of your own team in the sport of poker who would you pick?  Is Phil Ivey still the overwhelming number one pick in the draft like Andrew Luck or has another young gun moved above him?  Would you draft players on their style of poker play or their general performance in poker?  Would you draft players on their success in live cash game play, live tournament play or online poker success?  Potential or Results?

If I had a choice my top pick and overall number one player is defiantly Phil Ivey; however, players have caught up to him and knocking on his door.  In the General Player Index 2010 WSOP Main-Event Champion is ranked number one.  This index is a complex ranking system to determine the overall best poker player in the year.  Comment, who would be your top picks and would you take a pick on yourself?  I would why not…